Work With Us

These days, being an effective real estate professional means you’ve got to be flexible. Great East Title associates are willing to close anywhere. With professionals working across over 170 communities throughout New Hampshire and Maine, it’s easy for us to be where you need us to be.

Our proactive title search process helps your client close faster, and in the event of a problem, we are skilled at resolving issues.

Get Your Title Search Faster

The most important part of the title search process is getting it right. But a close second is speed. No one wants to wait longer than they have to, to move into their dream home. It’s why we developed Fast Track, a unique title search service that delivers title searches quickly at no additional cost.


We begin the title work immediately. Just send us the purchase and sale agreement and lender contact information and we can get started. Fast Track expedites the closing process and provides additional time just in case a seller needs to cure or mitigate a title issue before the closing deadline. How fast is Fast Track? We’ll get you a Title Summary, including legal description of the property and information on any issues, easements and/or restrictions to you and your clients within five to seven days.